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2-45-12, kami-meguro meguro-ku, tokyo

Renowned designer Dai Fujiwara who continues be active locally and globally has collaborated with creative-unit “propellaheart” creators of floral and emotional scenography; for an exhibition featuring botanical installations at artless appointment gallery / artless craft tea & coffee. The exhibition runs concurrently with DESIGNART 2018, a city-wide design and art festival starting on October 19 (Fri) that transform the city of Tokyo into one massive art museum.

The exhibition incorporates the venue’s characteristics, featuring artworks that synthesize digital and floral elements to create scenes of plants mimicking human behavior, such as flowers drinking coffee and plants lounging in the cafe. For a limited time, the space is transformed into a place where guests can experience a strange perception towards plants and flowers.

An opening reception with an early preview of the artwork will be held on October 18 (Thu). Open to all, we encourage you to visit and experience the surreal botanical world.

opening reception: 10.18 thu 17:00-20:00
An opening reception with the artist in attendance will be held at the gallery.


artist profile
Dai Fujiwara

President of DAIFUJIWARA DESIGN INC., Dai Fujiwara has created socially conscious designs for a diverse range of clients. He is a Future Center Alliance Japan Meister, a professor at Tama Art University, an honorary visiting professor at Kanazawa College of Art, Hong Kong DESIGN INSTITUTE Fellow, and many more. His accolades include work featured in the permanent collection at MoMA, winning the Mainichi Design Award, 2003 Good Design Award Grand Award, as well as giving lectures around the world. His work was recently featured in the “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” exhibition that ran until January 28, 2018, at MoMA.
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propellaheart is a creative-unit that creates floral and emotional scenography. From traditional arrangement using fresh flowers to cutting-edge floral installations utilizing flora and digital devices, they provide creative expressions for every scene. Their activities include overseeing the entirety of a project from proposal to design to construction, as well as creating their own product lines.
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この度 artless appointment gallery は、10月19日(金)からスタートする東京の街全体をミュージアムにしたデザイン&アートフェスティバル「DESIGNART(デザイナート)2018」の期間中、国内外で活動を続けているデザイナー藤原大が、花と心の空間演出をプロデュースするクリエイティブユニットの“propellaheart (プロペラート )”と共に行う、植物と花を使ったインスタレーション展示を開催いたします。



オープニングレセプション: 10.18 thu 17:00-20:00


artist profile
藤原 大

DAIFUJIWARA DESIGN INC.を主宰し、これまで多くのクライアントと社会性の高いデザイン活動を行っている。Future Center Alliance Japan Meister、多摩美術大学教授、金沢美術工芸大学名誉客員教授、Hong Kong DESIGN INSTITUTE Fellow、他。MoMA(ニューヨーク近代美術館)パーマネント・コレクション、毎日デザイン賞、グッドデザイン大賞最高賞など。海外・国内での講演会多数。2018年1月28日までニューヨーク近代美術館にて開催されたITEM展で作品が展示された。
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